Inception Lite Trial Ends, December Release Planned

Two months ago we released a free preview version of Architactile Inception called Inception Lite for iPad. The idea was to get feedback from architects and AEC professionals about what we’re doing and what they like to see in the final product.

We’re very pleased with the response and would like to share a little of what we learned. First, the numbers… Inception Lite was downloaded by 2,981 folks during our two month trial. Here’s how those downloads break down by country:

Country # of
% of
United States 1,157 38.8%
Mexico 178 6.0%
China 137 4.6%
Canada 122 4.1%
France 104 3.5%
United Kingdom 102 3.4%
Italy 99 3.3%
Australia 97 3.3%
Hong Kong 76 2.5%
Germany 69 2.3%
Japan 66 2.2%
Singapore 62 2.1%
Russia 61 2.0%
Spain 41 1.4%
India 41 1.4%
Malaysia 40 1.3%
Netherlands 36 1.2%
Colombia 32 1.1%
Brazil 28 0.9%
Philippines 28 0.9%
Other (56 Countries) 405 13.7%

We weren’t surprised by the fact that the US had the most downloads but the US’s percent of overall downloads was much smaller than we’d expected. As a result we released an update a couple of weeks before the end of the trial that added support for metric units and currency symbols other than the dollar sign (“$”).

From the feedback we received, the key features we’re adding for the initial release of Inception are:

* PDF deliverables for the client with custom branding
* Comma separated space list (for use in Excel, Trelligence Affinity, etc.)

For the first half of next year we’re looking at adding:

* Ability to copy projects (can be used to create project templates)
* Preliminary project schedule
* Mixed-use allowable area per floor analysis (IBC 2009 only)
* More in depth cost estimate analysis for site development
* User defined Project Types
* PDF export to Dropbox

We’re on target for December 2010 for our initial release of Architactile Inception. We believe Inception to be the first commercially available tool ever developed for preliminary project scope and conceptual budgeting and we’re very excited to see it in action. We hope you are too.

Stay tuned.

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