Architactile was founded by Tulsa based technologist Matt Galloway and inspired by conversations with and ideas from Matt’s long-time friend and local architect, Taylor King. Like good architecture, the goal of Architactile is simple yet transformative: we want to increase the efficiency of the business of architecture by streamlining and automating those actions, habits and behaviors that work.  We are currently working on our first product, named Inception, which is designed to help accelerate project initiation by improving data collection, scope definition, information management and communications from the point of the first client meeting through the signing of the contract.

Matt Galloway, Chief Technologist & Founder

Matt earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Oklahoma State University College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology. He is driven by his passion to design and build technology systems to simplify complex business processes. For the 13 years prior to founding Architactile, Matt worked to build automated solutions for the insurance industry designed to apply complex regulatory requirements trough easy to use workflows. Matt volunteers some of his free time to local non-profit organizations, Oklahoma Odyssey of the Mind (a creative problem solving competition for kids K-12), and programs to support and promote entrepreneurism in Tulsa.  Matt is a member of the Advisory Committee for the Information Technology Department of Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in Okmulgee, Oklahoma and Tulsa EDC Entrepreneurship Committee.

Contact Us

Architactile is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. To contact us, please call 918-808-3072 or email matt@architactile.com.