Bubble Diagrams

Architactile_Inception_.Bubble_ExistingFor every defined Use Group, Architactile Inception automatically creates a proportionally sized bubble on the projects Bubble Diagram. Bubbles are a fixed square shape with rounded corners whose size may only be changed by modifying the area parameters on the Use Group Area & Budget Datasheet. Manipulating the placement of bubbles on the Bubble Digram in Architactile Inception feels very much like manipulating construction paper cutouts. Bubbles are simply dragged around the screen with one’s finger providing a fast and easy visual metaphor for spacial relationships for both architect and client.Each bubble is labeled with it’s Use Group name, net area and budgetary construction cost to better communicate the contribution of each individual space to the overall construction budget.

For projects that include renovation of existing space, Architactile Inception provides an Existing bubble diagram view. If the project also includes new construction, the digram includes dotted outlines indicating the completed size of spaces that will exist in the future.

For multiphase projects, the bubble digram may be viewed at each individual phase or alternatively as a complete project.

Existing space is always depicted as solid gray.

Architactile_Inception_Bubble_Phase1For existing space that is to be renovated, a hatched square is overlayed onto the existing bubble and proportionately sized to cover the percent of the area to be renovated. Area of new construction are depicted with solid (non-gray) colors.
Architactile_Inception_Bubble_2ndFloorThe Bubble Digram view may be optionally divided into floors. When this feature is used, bubbles on the floor below the current floor can be seen beneath the current page.A complete set of Bubble Diagrams may be created for delivery to the client and/or design team using the PDF Exhibit feature.
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