Code Analysis

Architactile_Inception_Occupancy_ClassificationArchitactile Inception provides quick access to information from the 2009 International Building Code that is helpful in early stage planning.  A default Occupancy Classification and Construction Type may be set for the building. These values may then be modified for each individual Use Group. 

When selecting Occupancy Classification, Architactile Inception provides a quick reference that provides a description of the classification, a brief synopses of the sprinkler requirements, and the complete list of example spaces from the IBC 2009 as seen in this screenshot.


For a given Use Group, Architactile Inception assists with quick estimates of the maximum allowable occupancy by providing IBC 2009 Table 1004.1.1 Maximum Floor Area Allowances Per Occupant.  Once a value from the table is selected, Architactile will calculate the maximum occupancy based on the net or gross area for the space (as specified by the table).

Architactile_Inception_Code_AnalysisOnce the Occupancy Classification and Construction Type are selected, Architactile Inception looks up the maximum allowable building height, maximum stories above grade and maximum allowable area per floor from IBC 2009 Table 503 Allowable Building Heights and Areas

Height and area adjustments resulting from the installation of sprinklers may also be calculated by specifying the anticipated use of sprinklers from the pop-up menu.  Sprinkler height increases are automatically calculated in accordance with IBC 2009 504.2. Sprinkler area increases are calculated in accordance with IBC 2009 506.3.

All referenced portions of the IBC 2009 used with the permission of the International Code Council, Inc. Access the complete text of the IBC 2009 as well as other codes from the ICC from your iPad with the ICC Market app available in the Apple iTunes App Store.

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