Firm Branded Client-Ready Exhibits

Architactile_Inception_Exhibit_SelectionOnce all relevant project information is entered, branded exhibits can be easily created as PDF files which can then be emailed to the client or other team members, or alternatively opened directly on the iPad by any application capable of reading a PDF such as Apple’s iBooks application. 

When creating PDF Exhibits, you may specify which portions of the document you want to include by flipping the on/off switches along the right hand side of the screen to the desired position. Architactile Inception allows for the creation of multiples “brands” for exhibits. A brand consists of graphic images for the cover page, and header and footer images for both portrait and a landscape pages as well as several lines of arbitrary text that will be displayed in the “prepared by” section of the cover page.

If a cover page is included, you may specify a document title or, alternatively select one of the predefined titles from the pop-up menu.

You may even specify text to be used as a “watermark” which will appear in large translucent red print diagonally across every page of the exhibit.

Architactile_Inception_Exhibit_BrandingThis screenshot shows the configuration of an exhibit “brand.” ¬†Five separate images may be specified for each brand. The images are retrieved from iPad’s Photo application. To import custom images, create them on a desktop or laptop computer and then import them into iPad’s Photo applicaiton, then select them on the brand configuration page.
Architactile Inception ExhibitsThis images shows sample exhibits created with Architactile Inception. Click here to view a complete sample PDF created with Architactile Inception.
To learn more or to schedule a demonstration or Architactile Inception, call us at 918-808-3072 or email Or visit the Apple iTunes App Store to purchase Architactile Inception.

Architactile Inception Available on the App Store