Location Cost Factors

Architactile_Inception_Project_InfoArchitactile Inception provides location cost factors based on the “Metro Area Multiplier” table found in McGraw Hill Construction’s Architect’s Square Foot Costbook 2011 (used with permission). Once the “Local Metro Area” location is set in the iPad Settings application, a “Location Factor” is calculated for each project by selecting the “Nearest Metro Area” for that project. In the screenshot to the right the “Local Metro Area” is set to Tulsa, Oklahoma and the “Nearest Metro Area” for the current project is set to “Mesa, Arizona.” Architactile Inception has calculated a “Location Factor” of 1.089. This means that an architect in Tulsa, Oklahoma could take a budget that is appropriate for the local Tulsa market and multiply by the calculated location factor of 1.089 to yield a a budget that would be of comparable quality in the Mesa, Arizona market. 

When a project in Architactile Inception is created based on a Project Type that provides predefined high, medium and low quality levels in its Use Group types, these cost values automatically reflect the calculated Location Factor.

This screen shot shows part of Metro Area list as the “Nearest Metro Area” is selected. The default value for new projects is always set to the “Local Metro Area” set in the iPads Settings app.
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