Use Group Datasheets

Architactile_Inception_Use_Group_Datasheet_CalcThe heart of Architactile Inception is collecting and managing high level space requirements. This is accomplished through the creation of “Use Groups.” Each Use Group defines a conceptual functional space within the project. The Use Group Area & Budget Datasheet provides a familiar spreadsheet like template to collect and calculate the requirements of the space. Templates are provides for New Construction, Renovation or a combination or the two. 

Unlike general purpose spreadsheets, the Use Group Datasheet allows any number to be modified and Architactile Inception will determine how best to adjust the rest of the values to reflect the change.  Inception understands the context of the data and provides tools to recalculate the values in any order necessary to quickly adjust parameters to fit a prospective client’s requirements.  The calculations on the Use Group Datasheet are driven by two familiar and related equations:

Occupancy x Occupancy Density = Area and

Area x Quality (Cost / Unit Area) = Total Estimated Budget

Because of the nature of these equations, modifying any one value may be accounted for by changing one or two of several other parameters. For example, a change in area will require a change in quality or total estimated budget, as well as a change in either occupancy or occupancy density. Inception provides a quick and easy method  to identify and select the appropriate parameters to adjust when changing a value.

In the screenshot above the Gross Area value is being modified. When the “Done” button on the keyboard is pressed, Architactile Inception will recalculate the values for both the Occupancy and the Total Estimated Budget. These fields are marked with a small calculated icon to the right of their value indicating Inception’s intent to recalculate. If, for example, one wanted to modify the quality level (Estimated Cost/Square Foot) instead of Total Estimated Budget, this could be accomplished by tapping the calculator icon next to the Total Estimated Budget field causing the calculator icon to move to the quality level field.

The same method could be used to move the calculator icon from the Occupancy field to the Occupancy Density field.

Architactile_Inception_Use_Group_New_RenovationThis screenshot shows the “Renovation with New Construction” template.  Below the spreadsheet portion of the page is a written scope for this Use Group based on the parameters specified above. This plain English description of the space is automatically created and updated by Architactile Inception and will be combined with similar description for each Use Group in the project to form a complete written project scope.  This complete scope is one of the optional components that may be included in the PDF Exhibits suitable for delivering to the client.
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