Architactile Inception Jr.

Inception Jr. Bubble DiagramArchitactile Inception Jr. for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch is a bare bones version of it’s big brother, Inception for iPad. Inception Jr. give you the power to produce quick and professional¬†high-level project scopes and conceptual budgets in about the same amount of time it’d take you to sketch it on a napkin. And since it lives on your iPhone, Inception Jr. is wherever and whenever you are when you get that call from a prospective client wanting to talk through high level project feasibility.

Don’t let it’s size fool you. Inception Jr. is a power pre-design tool that allows you to develop multi-phase preliminary project scopes, bubble diagrams, and total project cost estimate analyses. ¬†Inception Jr. produces high-quality firm branded PDF Exhibits that can be emailed to your client directly from your iPhone.

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Click here to see a side by side comparison of the features in Inception Jr. for iPhone and and those in Inception for iPad.

To learn more or to schedule a demonstration or Architactile Inception Jr., call us at 918-808-3072 or email Or visit the Apple iTunes App Store to purchase Architactile Inception.

Architactile Inception Jr. Available on the App Store