Bubble Diagrams

Inception Jr. Bubble DiagramThe creation of a “Use Group” in Inception Jr. automaticly triggers the addition of a proportionately sized bubble on the bubble digram view for the project.  Using iPhone’s responsive touch screen, the bubbles may be shuffled around like paper-dolls to illustrate the conceptual spacial relationships of the project. The “pinch gesture” is used to quickly zoom in and out allowing both fine grained positioning and complete digram viewing.

While a complete bubble digram can be a little hard to read on the iPhone, it’s beautifully rendered when output  in a full sized PDF Exhibit. You clients (and your competition) will never believe you created it on your iPhone!

To learn more or to schedule a demonstration or Architactile Inception Jr., call us at 918-808-3072 or email matt@architactile.com. Or visit the Apple iTunes App Store to purchase Architactile Inception.

Architactile Inception Jr. Available on the App Store