Use Group Datasheets

Inception Jr. Use Group Datasheet
The heart of Architactile Inception Jr. is collecting and managing high level space requirements. This is accomplished through the creation of “Use Groups.” Each Use Group defines a conceptual functional space within the project. The Use Group List shows the name, area and budget for each Use Group defined in the project.

Inception Jr. Use Group List

The Use Group Datasheet provides a familiar spreadsheet like template to collect and calculate the requirements of the space. However, unlike general purpose spreadsheets, the Use Group Datasheet allows any number to be modified and Architactile Inception Jr. will determine how best to adjust the rest of the values to reflect the change.  Inception Jr. understands the context of the data and provides tools to recalculate the values in any order necessary to quickly adjust parameters to fit a prospective client’s requirements.

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