Project Phasing

Architactile_Inception_Phased_MovingArchitactile Inception makes project phasing easy. Use Groups can simply be dragged from one phase to another in the Use Group list. All phase and project totals, the project scope, required space list, bubble digram, etc are all automatically updated. 

The screenshot to the right shows the “Community Hall” Use Group being moved from Phase 1 to Phase 2.

Architactile_Inception_Phased_1For phased projects, the Bubble Digram view has a pop-up menu to select an individual view for each phase. Use Group budget values are only displayed for construction in the current phase. Dotted outlines depict the final area of Use Groups at the end of the complete project (all phases). 

This screenshot shows Phase 1 of a New Construction project.  All of the colored Use Groups are in the current phase as indicated by the display of the budgetary estimate. Three Use Groups are shown as being in future phases as indicated by the dotted outline.

Architactile_Inception_Phased_2This screenshot shows Phase 2 of the same project. Use Groups that were part of Phase 1 no longer show budgetary estimates and are now shown in a slightly less vibrant color. The Junior High Youth and High School Youth Use Groups are new construction slated for this phase. They fill out the dotted outlines shown in the previous phase with a vibrant color that indicates current phase construction. Also the budgetary estimate is displayed. The Multi-Purpose Space is slated for a future phase as indicated by the dotted outline.
Architactile_Inception_Phased_3This screenshot is of Phase 3.  The color of both Phase 1 and Phase 2 Use Groups is slightly more muted than on the previous digram.  The budgetary estimates for Phase 2 Use Groups are no longer displayed. The vibrant color and budgetary estimate of the Multi-Purpose Space indicates that it’s Phase 3 construction.
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